We are Milenika Shoes new brand of unique women’s fashionable shoes. We offer wholesale prices to retailers and sellers who meet some basic requirements.Shoes are top quality and design, competitive and unique on the market, with recognizable black & white striped heel. Made of 100% genuine leather (sole, insole, lining, upper and heel cover) Milenika shoes are great combination of comfort and fashion at the same time.If you are interested in retail opportunities and want to sell Milenika shoes, please send us an email with your name, name of business, a description of your business, the city, state, country you will be selling them from / to and your contact information to sales@milenikashoes.com

For more information about Milenika Shoes visit www.milenikashoes.com

City derby - Red


Little princes - Rose

Julia - Dream

Little queen - Black rose

Katie- Passionate

Julia - Basic

Little queen - Red passion

Maxi Black

Sandy - Unconditional love

Summer triptych - Stylish

Summer city - Spice me in red

Summer city - Sunflower

Metamorphosis - Theory of Violet

Colour me in - Sun rays

Arrhythmia - Black rose


Candy - Happy garden

Audrey - Inquisitiveness

Candy - Fire

New wave - Night sky

City heart - Thought

City pump - Red Amaryllis

Intro in - Black Calla

Walking tree - Blossom

Fox - Yellow

Strelitzia - Passion

Booty Boop - Classic

City derby - Knight

Ixia - Summer tale

Agathi - Triptych

Brigitte - Independence

Brigitte - Good luck charm

Holiday - Weekend

Audrey - Strong willed

New wave - Woody

New wave - Cloudy

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